Art on the Street 2018

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Art on the Street returns to Westport for a second year. Six artists used a blank Muskoka chair as a canvas, painting or designing it any way they chose. Finished chairs will be on display at businesses throughout the village and for an eight week period during the summer, Saturdays at the corner of Church St and Spring St. from 10:00 am til 2pm. Each chair will be raffled off individually on August 18th at MusicWestport.

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Tickets available for $5 where each chair is displayed.

Reveal Launch: Heritage Day Festival, 2 June 2018 at the library (Spring Street)

Ticket Draw: MUSICwestport, 18 August 2018


Artist Information / Now Closed

  • Artists will be chosen on a “first come- first served” basis.
  • On May 1, selected artists will pick up an unassembled Muskoka chair kit and urethane sealant at Herlehy Home Building Centre
  • Artists will paint their design on the chair, assemble and seal it.  Artists can google: “one of a kind hand painted Muskoka chairs” for ideas
  • Each artist will provide a laminated biography and contact information submitted with their chair for display
  • Chairs will be “unveiled” and the artists introduced at the Westport Heritage Festival on 2 June 2018.
  • Chairs will then be “adopted” by six different businesses from 2 June to August 18
  • Tickets will be sold for $5.00 each on the chairs and the draws will be made at MUSICWestport.  Proceeds will go to the Westport Arts Council.

The Westport Arts Council hopes you will be excited about the prospects of having your art on display in the village throughout the summer months.

To participate in the project please contact:  Mary Anne Bishop 273 8699

Thanks to all of our participating artists! The chairs are amazing!!

Rideau District High School Grade 10 Native Arts Class, Tamara Carlson, Francie Healy- Roberts, Velma Anderson, David Egan and Marqus Laver.


Host Business Info

Thanks to all our host businesses for their continued support.

Jake By The Lake, Past Time Home Decor, Pinecone, Village IDA Pharmacy, Cottage Country and the Cove Country Inn.

What a fantastic fundraiser! Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket and to all the winners! Enjoy your chair!

We raised over $1000 for arts in our community and schools!