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Magic in the Air! Recap of Christmas Magic

WAC xmas slider2The WAC Christmas Magic day was truly a festive day. With carolers, the arts and crafts show, the local business window decorating competition, the annual Lions Santa Claus Parade and, of course, the lighting of the WAC Christmas tree and the Christmas tree on the mountain, there was definately magic in the air!


Congrats Debra!


Congratulations to Pinecone, winner of the 2014 Westport Arts Council Best Decorated Christmas Windows. Thanks to the amazing judges, Delvalle and Tamara, and to Cynthia Pringle for her assistance is coordinating the competition.

WAC put together a float for the Lions Christmas Parade showcasing the theme “Christmas Wishes for Santa” and won Best in Theme. Thanks to all members who helped decorate the float, walk in the parade and hand out over 100 santa hats!

Nov 29: Christmas Magic Begins in Westport

Christmas Magic 2014


Come to Westport and envelope yourself in Christmas Magic! The festivities include our Arts and Crafts show, the Santa Claus Parade and the Lighting of the Christmas Tree. With Carolers and Christmas specials throughout the town, come to Westport and find the perfect gift, fill yourself with festive spirit, and kick off the holiday season.

Meet the Artist: Sharon Benson

watercolour. mixed media. acrylic. paverpol.


Sharon Benson is a local artist and a member of WAC and the Rideau Lakes Artists Association.

Artist Sharon Benson says she draws inspiration from Westport itself. “Westport is a village filled with a large variety of artisans.  The camaraderie among artists is wonderful and inspiring. The lake, Spy Rock and the variety of trees and wildlife that it possesses…the village is an inspiration in itself,” says Benson. That inspiration is channelled into watercolour, acrylic, mixed media and sculpture using Paverpol.

“…the village is an inspiration in itself.”

Paverpol is a non-toxic, environmentally safe, 100% weather proof textile hardener. Using Paverpol, Benson exploits nature’s inspiration, creating a variety of figures including herons, elegant figures of women, and other garden decor. Along with sculpture, Benson’s 6 years of paint work include a variety of subjects but her portfolio is largely comprised of her commissioned work to paint homes, businesses and cottages which paints from photographs.

Benson shares her love of sculpture hosting 1 day Paverpol classes in her home. For small groups of 3-6, Benson provides materials and runs the class from 9:30-4pm. “No experience is necessary and you don’t even have to be artistic,” Benson assures. “At the end of the day you will go home with a beautiful, one of a kind, sculpture that you will be proud to show off.  I can guarantee that!”.

Visit Sharon’s street stall at the MUSICwestport festival August 16th.  For more information on Sharon, please click here.

Totem Poles with Diane Black


Totem Poles at Rideau Vista Public School


464 slabs of clay, 116 young artists, 8 totem poles


There is a new art installation at Rideau Vista Public School, actually there are 7.  Guided by local artist Diane Black, the seven totem poles are the collective creativity of all 116 students at Rideau Vista.

Black spent the last week of May working directly with each selected class, from kindergarten all the way to the grade five students. Explaining the importance of the totem pole in Canadian history, the student were then invited to think about what symbols would best represent them on a totem pole.

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Each student was then given four slabs of wet clay to carve out their chosen totems. Many students chosen family, sports, and nature symbols. When all four pieces of clay were designed, Black helped the students assemble the individual pieces together to form a box shape with no top or bottom.

Black collected all the carved clay boxes and took them home with her to dry. After firing all 116 pieces in her kiln, Black returned to Rideau Vista to slide each piece on seven 4×4 wooden posts, one post for each class. DSC06751

Just before the end of the year, Black will return to the school and disassemble the clay totem poles so each student can take their piece home with them.


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