Westport, Ontario, Canada


Chainmail Mastery Workshop Series

June 25 - July 09 2024
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Free Methodist Church - 85 Bedford Street, Westport, ON
$35 (Part 1) and $20-$35 (Part 2 - depending if you need the tools or not)
Chainmail Mastery Workshop Series

The Westport Arts Council Adult Art Series presents:  Chainmail Mastery Workshop Series.

Two Workshops, one Venue: Register for One or Both!  Registration now open!

Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot today and let your creativity blossom!

TO REGISTER, please send an email with your contact information (first and last name and contact numbers) to treasurer4WAC@gmail.com.

You will receive a confirmation email with details for payment.

Part I - The Fundamentals of Chainmail

learn the basics steps of chainmail, then Use this technique in a simple weave to create a bracelet in bright aluminum.

Part II - Advanced Chainmail Design

Review the Fundamentals of chainmail, then master Intricate Weaving techniques to design a more detailed Bracelet.