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MUSICwestport Kickoff Party: Meet H’SAO

August 14 2015
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
The Cove Inn - 2 Bedford Street, Westport, ON

h'sao mw2014

Kicking off the MUSICfestival weekend, WAC is proud to present H’SAO live at the The Cove

MontrĂ©al-based band from Chad, H’SAO is a unique fusion of vocal harmonines and African rhythms with influences from gospel, soul, rhythm and blues, reggae and Chadian music. Brothers Caleb (guitar), Mossbass (bass) and Izra L (keyboard) and their childhood friend Dono (drums) originally started with only their voices. WAC pull quoteThe self-taught musicians then added instruments to their sound but their acapella roots still set them apart. As they sing of peace, love, or social injustice, their vocal harmonies weave through and unite genres, creating a musical signature that transcends any musical category.

On stage, their musical energy is exciting, heightened by their engaging choreography. H’SAO have performed on stages from Europe to Africa to Asia as well as North America, including notable Canadian performances at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards Gala, and the Vancouver Folk Festival. With three full albums in their repertoire, H’SAO is currently working on an acoustic album and touring North America.

Last year this event sold out! Call The Cover now for reservations: 613-273-3636