Westport, Ontario, Canada


Meet the Artist – Sharon Benson

August 14 2014

watercolour. mixed media. acrylic. paverpol.


Sharon Benson is a local artist and a member of WAC and the Rideau Lakes Artists Association.

Artist Sharon Benson says she draws inspiration from Westport itself. “Westport is a village filled with a large variety of artisans.  The camaraderie among artists is wonderful and inspiring. The lake, Spy Rock and the variety of trees and wildlife that it possesses…the village is an inspiration in itself,” says Benson. That inspiration is channelled into watercolour, acrylic, mixed media and sculpture using Paverpol.

“…the village is an inspiration in itself.”




Paverpol is a non-toxic, environmentally safe, 100% weather proof textile hardener. Using Paverpol, Benson exploits nature’s inspiration, creating a variety of figures including herons, elegant figures of women, and other garden decor. Along with sculpture, Benson’s 6 years of paint work include a variety of subjects but her portfolio is largely comprised of her commissioned work to paint homes, businesses and cottages which paints from photographs.






Benson shares her love of sculpture hosting 1 day Paverpol classes in her home. For small groups of 3-6, Benson provides materials and runs the class from 9:30-4pm. “No experience is necessary and you don’t even have to be artistic,” Benson assures. “At the end of the day you will go home with a beautiful, one of a kind, sculpture that you will be proud to show off.  I can guarantee that!”.

Visit Sharon’s street stall at the MUSICwestport festival August 16th.  For more information on Sharon, please click here.