Westport, Ontario, Canada


Some Kind of Choir….Some Kind of Magic!

April 30 2017


In truth, choir rehearsal can be pretty mundane as, section by section, four bars at a time, choir members learn stanzas of music that can sound flat and dull on their own. Each member pushes through the tedium in the knowledge that the whole will be so much more than the sum of its parts. They know that in those magical moments when all the parts are woven together the power and beauty of the harmony will make it all worthwhile. And the wonder of it all is that the blending of their voices imbues each chorister with a sense that they are an integral members of a community of belonging, part of something that is so much bigger than themselves. And perhaps that is what makes choral singing especially powerful in these days when families and communities can feel increasingly fractured.

Some Kind of Choir created that kind of magic this year again….not only for the choir members but for those who came to listen and to revel in the beauty of song. In this sesquicentennial year, Some Kind of Choir celebrated the legacy of Canadian music, revelling in the creative genius of songwriters like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Stan Rogers, Gordon Lightfoot, Sarah McLachlan, and Leonard Cohen. Each of these artists speaks with a distinctive musical voice,  each a Canadian music icon in their own right. What a feast for the ears!

Thanks to Elgin United Church and Knox Presbyterian Church for providing a  venue for the performances, to the ladies guilds who provided refreshments, to Will French, Dave Irwin, and the Rideau District High School Jazz Band, to Soul Purpose and to Alex and Sean Price for sharing their musical talent.

We are grateful to our director, Cordon Purcell and to our accompanist, May Lou Carroll for sharing their time and expertise with us. Many, many thanks to all who contributed through sharing their voices, their leadership, their resources, and their presence. Without the contribution of each, this rare kind of magic does not happen!

Here’s to a time of rest over the summer and to another great choral season in 2018!