Westport, Ontario, Canada


Summer Arts Camps for Kids 2023 Wrap-up: A Resounding Success!

August 31 2023
Summer Arts Camps for Kids 2023 Wrap-up:  A Resounding Success!

As the sun sets on another vibrant summer, the resounding success of the Westport Arts Council’s Summer Arts Camps for Kids leaves a colorful mark on the canvas of our memories. Offering a diverse array of creative experiences, these camps provided a haven for young artists to explore, create, and thrive.

The demand was overwhelming, with the majority of camps reaching full capacity, demonstrating the community’s enthusiasm and the enduring value of artistic exploration for our youth. From painting to sewing, theater to music, and everything in between, each camp fostered a space for budding talents to flourish.

This success wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and passion of our esteemed instructors. Their guidance, expertise, and unwavering support empowered the campers to unleash their creativity, honing their skills and nurturing their artistic spirits.

As the curtains draw to a close on the 2023 Summer Arts Camps for Kids, WAC would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved – the young artists, their families, and the passionate instructors. Your collective dedication has made this summer an unforgettable masterpiece.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate the future, knowing that the seeds of creativity planted this summer will continue to bloom and enrich our community.

Here’s to a vibrant, successful, and inspiring summer of 2023!