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We depend on our friends.

WAC is a non-profit organization so we depend on our friends. Sponsorship and patronage from local businesses and donations from individuals keep our programs and events running and accessible in the Westport community.


Our Patrons


Tammy and Heath GurrBackstairs Pottery Logo 2


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Our Members

Cordon Purcell, Mary Lou Carroll, Ann Bellefeuille, Patricia Brown, Stella Cowley, Anita Cox, Kathy Doornekamp, Carol Eldridge, Diane Graham-Lynn, Jeannette Kenny, Lynne Lang, Connie Menger, Meg O’Connor, Carol Lee Riley, Ann Savage, Kim Spence, Candy Stothart, Bonnie Tackaberry, Karen Traynor, Mary Anne Bishop, Kim Bonner, Judy Buehler, Karen Earl, Joyce Kaiser-Merrick, Michele Sled, Barb Weir, Carolyn Avery, Robin Jones, Glenn McCue, Betty Jo MacDougall, Cam McKay, Douglas McQuaig, Duncan Pickard, Rob Rainer, Thomas Sled, Sue Todd, Jayne Walker, Ike Doornekamp, Jim Earl, Graham Lowe, John Melowsky, Art Thompson

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