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We depend on our friends.

WAC is a non-profit organization so we depend on our friends. Sponsorship and patronage from local businesses and donations from individuals keep our programs and events running and accessible in the Westport community.

WAC is proudly supported by our corporate patrons who have each generously donated $1000+:


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Backstairs Pottery Logo 2.pngvillage pharmacy

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Thank you!

Wanna be one of the cool kids? Click here to be a patron.

WAC is also proudly supported by our individual sponsors who are just as WAC’y as we are:

Avery, Carolyn

Kenny, Jeannette

Bellefeuille, Ann

Knapp. Michelle

Bishop, Mary Ann

McDougall, Betty-Jo

Bonner, Kim

Monson, Sharon
Brown, Patricia

O’Connor, Meg

Carroll, Mary Lou

Opzoomer, Gloria

Knapp, Michelle

Pickard, Duncan

Doornekamp, Ike

Purcell, Cordon

Doornekamp, Kathy

Riley, Carol Lee
Earl, Jim 

Roberts, Rob

Earl, Karen

Rainer, Rob
Earl, Karen

Rothwell, Margot

Eldredge, Carol

Savage, Ann

Fielding, Judy

Soles, Calla

Graham-Lynn, Diane

Spence, Kim

Hennig, Morley

Steele, Lynn
Jones, Robin

Stothart, Candy

Lang, Lynne

Todd, Sue
Lyons, Wenda

Weir, Barb

McCure, Glenn

Thompson, Art

Woods-Laviolette, Wendy

Wright, Morgan

SoHo’s Foods

Palmer’s Berry Farm

Art on Centre

Scheuerman’s Winery & Vineyards

Dave Freeman Guitars

Lake Effects

Rideau Valley Hearth & Home

Amy Wickenden Sun Life

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