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August 8th: “The Tempest” in Lochwood Park

Driftwood Theatre presents: "The Tempest"

Driftwood Theatre presents: The Tempest

The Tempest

 Lochwood Park   ▪   August 8   ▪   Donation

After the huge success of The Odyssey last summer, WAC is bringing the Driftwood Theatre Group back to Westport. Get ready for Shakespeare’s The Tempest presented outdoors at Lochwood Park (baseball field next to the arena), August 8, 2014. Pay-what-you-can-admission (suggested donation $15).

We are such stuff as dreams are made on…

–The Tempest, William Shakespeare

Driftwood Theatre presents Shakespeare’s masterpiece, The Tempest. One of Shakespeare’s most celebrated plays, The Tempest pits one man’s need for personal vengeance against his hopes for the future of his family. It is a story of magic, power and forgiveness told in Driftwood’ signature style blending movement, song, puppetry and classic storytelling.





Heritage Day Bean Bag Toss Fundraiser




WAC Bean Bag Toss Fundraiser

WAC Bean Bag Toss Fundraiser

We weren’t throwing our feet up on Heritage Day here in Westport, we were throwing bean bags! In amongst the craft and market stalls on Bedford street, WAC set up a guitar bean bag toss to raise funds for their upcoming MUSICwestport Open Air Festival. Turns out, Westport isn’t just competitive at hockey! For five dollars, participants received six bean bags. Those lucky enough to score a bean bag through the guitar were entered into a draw for a gift certificate from local restaurant, The Cove Country Inn. Two or more in the hole and you were also walking away with a MUSICwestport ball cap. Thanks to all who participated and to the Cove for their generous prize donation. WAC successfully raised over $200 which will go directly to the MUSICwestport Open Air Festival coming this August!




Did you miss us on Heritage Day? We are still selling tickets for the $1500 cash draw that happens on the day of the festival. Tickets are available from WAC board members or every weekend downtown Westport until the festival.

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